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A powerful tool for cloud computing distribution and management
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Hassle free Cloud Computing

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Discover what is the best and most powerful in Cloud Computing. Our servers have high quality, flexibility, control and safety with Data Centers in more than ten countries.

Cloud Management

Let our team take care of your infrastructure and servers. Focus on your business and have the Zertico team as your IT department.

Cloud Distribution and Automation

A system capable of doing all management of cloud pre and after sales. Automate the sales, delivering, configuration, receiving and cloud servers management.

Partnership Program

Do you have a challenging project, which needs to be placed in the Cloud? We from Zertico have the required knowledge to help you in your project's cloud architecture.

Special Projects for Cloud Computing

What about increasing your sales offering Cloud in your portfolio? Here on Zertico, we have programs and partnerships that will aggregate value to your business.

Know the Agent

Perform operations and installations in your server automatically and in just a few clicks. It was never so easy to do maintenance in your Cloud Server.

Official SoftLayer Partners since 2011

Know some of the reasons which constitute this strong alliance.

No alarms when paying your bills

Today the Cloud Computing technology allows flexibility of the resources used according to demand. With SoftLayer, it is possible to control your infrastructure with any modification needed to keep your applications in the air.

The resource prices are determined and very transparent to the clients. Thus, when there is the need to raise or reduce the resources, the client knows exactly how much he is going to pay at the end of the month, no additional charges not reported.

Automation of SoftLayer APIs

During these years we'be been working and developing the best integrations with products and services SoftLayer, which offers an extensive library of info and APIs, allowing clients to have access to the broad portfolio offered by them.

Global network for data traffic

SoftLayer has the network of the networks when it comes to Data Center. With many unities around the world, SoftLayer provides superior scalability and control, connectivity between Data Centers and net points, with multiple connections, for either public traffic, private traffic, or traffic management, with total security during the network rationalization process.

Large Portfolio of Products

Softlayer is with no doubts the company which owns the best and biggest solutions in Data Centers. Its broad portfolio allows the development of any cloud project. From servers, storages, security and data management to communication with the development sector of their clients.

All expectations in only one Data Center

With high-tech equipment, extreme quality APIs, unique performance, and reliability, the Zertico team has its expectations overcome, and that is why we develop cloud solutions to our clients using the servers we are sure of excellence: SoftLayer.


"Lots of people have always asked about servers... During the years, who offered us support of 100% quality is Zertico."

Frank Marcel Agencia Mestre

"Class A service - fast and attentive"

Wagner Serrano Trade 1

"Experient, fast and partners. Zertico offers stability to our servers, and tranquility to our IT team."

Rodrigo Bernardino Agencia Bernardino

"Zertico is a role model company, grade A in assistance. It is a solution to all companies. Congratulations!"

Fabiana Campos Real Tapetes

"Zertico is one of the best providers we have when it comes to quality, agility, service and financial."

Michele Vieira Guia-se: Unidade Indaiatuba

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