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Cloud Server Reselling

Sell SoftLayer products to your clients

Increase your company's income, offer SoftLayer in your portfolio.

Have own store, offering your SoftLayer products, create customized plans, bills, manage products receiving and services sold by your company, in a friendly and intuitive system, with no need for installation and training.

Through the Zertico's Software for Cloud management, it is possible to have access to all structure of Cloud Servers, E-commerce, with options of pricing for conversion from dollar to real with support to the Brazilian taxing.

A White Label format system, in which is possible to use the technology to offer SoftLayer products and services in a customizable model, your store and panel are going to stay just like your brand, exclusively structured to your business, with details of your choice.

Beyond that, the system has configurations for English, Portuguese and Spanish. The language is not going to be a barrier to increasing your income when offering Cloud.

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Revenue Growth

Receive commissioning on every sale of SoftLayer products and services made. A tremendous opportunity to increase the revenue of your company.

Supply increase

SoftLayer has the best services and products on its Data Center and is easily available to their clients. Expand your business offering Cloud Computing in your portfolio.


All management of your clients' infrastructure in your hands. Thus, you can monitor, configure and always let them aware and free of worries with the Data Center performance.


Have a store fully customized, with your company logo and colors and just like you prefer.

Why offering Cloud Computing on your Portfolio?

Cloud computing is more and more being a part of people and company's everyday activities.


Nowadays, people are worried to reduce its expenses, with cloud computing, you pay only for what you use, with no need to invest in large IT structures inside the company.

Cloud Server Diffusion

Whether you are a large company with a complex system, with a massive database and large flow of information, or someone who has a blog of content, you can acquire cloud computing. A range of options and niches in IT market.

Agile and Scalable Form Flexibility

With all the flexibility the cloud computing delivers, your client will be able to increase or modify the hired machine settings, according to the demand and in just a few clicks. All automatically and without complications.

High-tech technology

With the cloud consumption increase, companies are investing more and more in the continuous improvement of this technology, delivering to their consumers what is the safest and modern when it comes to Data Center. Offer to your clients the best cloud server products available!

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